Orangevale-Fair Oaks Food Bank


We exist to share God’s love in our community by providing food, resources and hope to families in need.

As an organization, we make a positive impact in the communities of Orangevale and Fair Oaks by providing food, resources and hope to families in need. We also strive to facilitate participation from people within our community to help improve the lives of families in need through community outreach events, volunteering, food drives, and connecting people through a common purpose.

Orangevale Food Bank was formed by several members of the community in Orangevale working diligently to lay the groundwork for a local food bank and family resource center. In our current economy, several hundred families struggle each month to provide basic food for their families. The Orangevale Food bank rallies the community behind these families to help them during these difficult times. The Orangevale Food Bank exists to bridge the gap for those families, and provide assistance temporarily while they work toward meeting these needs in their own.

Orangevale-Fair Oaks Food Bank Facebook Page

Orangevale-Fair Oaks Food Bank Facebook Page 


No one should go hungry in our community

Our main program as a food bank is to provide groceries and fresh food to our neighbors in need. Recipients from Orangevale and Fair Oaks may visit the food bank once per month and receive about a week’s worth of groceries based upon the size of their family.

Several local grocery stores donate their meat, fruits, vegetables, dairy and bread each week. Our volunteers sort through and organize these donations to distribute at one of our weekly outreaches. Through our grocery store food drives and local school food drives, many of our non-perishable items are collected and also organized to distribute at these outreaches.

We rely on a 100% volunteer staff and generous donations from local businesses, churches and families in our community to make this happen.

We desire that every family has a great Thanksgiving

Every year, we partner with many organizations in the area to provide hundreds of families with a Thanksgiving dinner. We are always looking for volunteers and donors to help us pull off this annual event.

Every child deserves a special first day of school

In 2014, we launched a new partnership with AboutKidz to help provide school lunches to hundreds of children at their FirstDay Back to School late summer event. This is an annual partnership that we hope to continue for many years to come.



Orangevale-Fair Oaks Food Bank

Your contribution is helping us care for hungry families in our community


Orangevale-Fair Oaks Food Bank

We can always use volunteers to help out with various tasks around the Orangevale Food Bank. Being 100% volunteer supported, we rely on people in our community to chip in with their time to help clean, sort food, and hold food drives – all with the purpose of serving our neighbors in need. We handle all of our volunteer through the website via our Volunteer Central.

Need Help?

Orangevale-Fair Oaks Food Bank

The Orangevale Food Bank desires to make a positive impact on our community by helping those who’ve hit difficult times. If you’ve lost a job, are struggling to meet basic needs, or just need someone to help or pray with you – we are here to help.

Contact Us

Orangevale-Fair Oaks Food Bank

We generally have someone onsite Monday – Friday, but our primary distribution hours are Mondays (11-1), Wednesday (4:30-6:30), and Thursdays (10:00-12:30). If you need to schedule an appointment or a drop-off, please contact us by email or phone.