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What is the Chamber of Commerce?
The Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit membership organization that works to support, encourage, and create conditions that will create a healthy economic and social environment in the Orangevale area.  Its IRS designation is 501(C)(6), a “civic league.” The 7 member board of directors is elected by membership, works with one part time employee, and a handful of wonderful ambassadors and volunteers. An executive committee is elected by the Board.

What does the Chamber do? 
It is our goal to be the glue that connects businesses to civic and community organizations. We work upstream with County officials, property owners, and the broader community to influence conditions that make Orangevale a great place to do business.We will promote Orangevale and we will promote our members. We offer member networking opportunities for those that would like to meet other business owners and leaders. We create community conversation to help ensure that we have a vibrant, healthy Orangevale. We seek to develop a sense of community and identity for Orangevale so that business and civic organizations will thrive. We keep our members up to date with all of the great things happening in town. We believe that healthy things grow.

Who Joins the Chamber?
The Chamber’s membership includes large business, small business, sole proprietors and partnerships, service organizations, charitable organizations, public and private schools and districts, churches, service clubs, government entities, and community-minded individuals. The Chamber’s membership understands the quality of life benefits from a healthy synergy between business and community. Its membership averages just under 200.

How does it work?
The Chamber’s success relies on the tremendous amounts of time and talent devoted by its many members who serve on committees, organize business events and seminars, and represent business in dealing with government. Committees fall under the leadership of the executive committee and are always interested in broadening member involvement.

How do I join?
Membership is open to any organization doing business in the Orangevale area, as well as interested individuals. To join, you may simply complete a Member Application and send payment to the Chamber Office at 9267 Greenback Lane Ste B-91, Orangevale, California, 95662. You should make an appointment with our Office Manager to discuss how to use your membership to your best advantage. Many regular networking, educational, advertising, and promotional benefits accrue to savvy members.

Orangevale Chamber of Commerce 

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Orangevale Chamber of Commerce

Orangevale Chamber of Commerce 


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